1) What is a colic?

Colic is defined as few episodes of excessive and inconsolable crying in an apparently healthy newborn baby. This condition is very common and usually affects up to 1 in 5 babies.

2) What are the symptoms of a colicky baby?

The criterion often applied in a colic diagnosis is known as the "Wessel Rules" or "Rule of 3’s" and consists in: daily cries lasting more than 3 hours, at least 3 days a week and for at least 3 weeks. There are some other symptoms related to colic but which must not be always present, such as: winds, bloated stomach, facial flushing, abdominal bloating and knees shrinking towards belly.

3) What is Easycol BABY and how does it work?

Easycol BABY is a food supplement containing lactase, an enzyme naturally produced by the body, which hydrolyzes the lactose, a sugar (disaccharide) found in breast milk and infant formula. The hydrolysis of lactose into two simple monosaccharides, glucose and galactose, will allow the baby to obtain all the energy needed for a normal and healthy development and growth.

4) What Easycol BABY made of?

Easycol BABY is a completely natural and safe product, becauseas all the ingredients it is made of are naturally produced by our bodies. Easycol BABY contains water, lactase enzyme (naturally produce in the digestive tract) and glycerol (a substance present in our body, which comes from lipid metabolism).

5) What are lactose and lactase?

Lactose: Is a complex sugar (disaccharide) which appears in milk, infant formulas, breast milk, and dairy products.

Lactase: Is an enzyme our bodies naturally produce to hydrolyze lactose into the simple sugars (monosaccharides): glucose and galactose. These are then absorbed as part of the digestive process and used for the energy production.

6) When can Easycol BABY be administrated to babies?

Easycol BABY can be used since birth.

7) How often and how long can Easycol BABY be used?

Easycol BABY must be used before every meal while the baby is suffering discomfort caused by digestive problems, as they usually persist up to 4 months of age. After this period, the number of drops can be gradually reduced until its complete withdrawn. However, if the baby shows discomfort and digestive problems again, you can restart the administration of Easycol BABY using the same dose you used to.

8) How to use easycol baby with formula or expressed milk?

In order to use Easycol BABY with formula or expressed milk, you should prepare a bottle half an hour in advance, adding 4 drops and shaking it. At the end, leave the mixture to stand for a few minutes before feeding the baby. During those minutes the mixture must stand, lactase is optimally acting on lactose.

9) How to use Easycol BABY during lactation?

Before starting to breastfeed, placeadd the number of drops indicated in the table in a smallcoffee spoon and administer directly into the baby's mouth.

10) Is Easycol BABY effective?

Scientific studies have shown a significant reduction in the duration of crying in newborn babies whose milk has been treated with lactase enzyme. This demonstrates the effectiveness of Easycol BABY in the digestive problems caused by transient lactase deficiency.

11) How to keep Easycol BABY?

Easycol BABY should be preferably kept at a temperature below 25 ° C. Once opened, Easycol BABY should be kept in a dry place in its original packaging.

12) Is Easycol BABY suitable for vegetarians and celiac?

Yes, as Easycol BABY is a gluten-free and animal-free product. Glycerol is derived from vegetable sources, and the lactase enzyme is derived from yeast.

13) Is Easycol BABY a drug?

Easycol BABY is not a drug. Easycol BABY is a natural food supplement.

14) Is Easycol BABY safe?

As Easycol BABY is not a drug, it is a very safe product with any side effects and which can be used from birth.