Easycol Baby® can be used from birth and whenever your baby’s lactase deficiency needs to be compensated during early life. A body generally starts begin to produce more enzymes after the first 4 months. It is then when the newborn will have have fewer problems to digest the milk. It may be possible to gradually reduce the dose of Easycol BABY after this period. If you notice that your baby is suffering digestive problems again after reducing the dose, you must return to the same dose that the baby was taking before the reduction.


The lactase enzyme of Easycol BABY can be used with breast milk or infant formula. In the case of breast feeding, the product can be administered directly into the baby’s mouth.

  • With Breast Milk

Expressed milk: Add the number of drops showed in table directly into the milk and shake the bottle.

Lactation: Administer the proper dose placing the drops in a coffee spoon, placing the drops in a coffee spoon, and then, directly into the baby’s mouth before breast-feeding directly into the baby's mouth before nursing.

  • With formula: Add the number of drops showed in table directly to the milk and shake the bottle Easycol BABY® does not affect the taste of the milk and can be added neither to hot or cold milk.
  • If you are preparing a feeding bottle in advance, just add 4 drops of Easycol BABY and keep in the refrigerator for no longer than 4 hours.

The table of dose per meal is indicative. In exceptional cases, if your baby suffers more discomfort you can gradually increase the dose, adding drops 1 by 1 up to the maximum indicate in the leaflet into the box.