A sudden and persistent crying, swollen and hard belly, legs drawn up towards the abdomen, flushed face, anxiety and discomfort ... If showing any of these symptoms, a baby is very likely to be suffering from colic

Infant colic is a common situation that can affect 40% of newborns; therefore many parents go through this problem. There is nothing more frustrating for parents who see their baby crying because of colic and are not able to solve the situation. Find the best solution to solve this problem is an urgent need.


A poor milk digestion can lead to a series of reactions in the newborn that generate discomfort, followed by a prolonged and intense cry. A very common problem known as transient lactase deficiency is the main cause of this situation that occurs during first months of life. Easycol BABY is a food supplement of lactase enzyme that helps to break down the lactose (hydrolysis) into two simple sugars, glucose and galactose, simplifying digestion process. Easycol BABY is an innovative and effective solution to this problem.


There are many reasons to use Easycol BABY. Some of the most important ones, which enjoy professional endorse, are the following ones:

  • PRODUCT SAFETY: Easycol BABY does not present any side effects and is completely safe; there is nothing more important than the baby’s health and well being.
  • PRODUCT PROLONGED EFFICACY: Easycol BABY formula has been specifically developed to solve the problem of newborns transient lactase deficiency. Easycol BABY can be used from birth and whenever needed until the digestive problems disappears naturally.
  • VERSATILITY: it’s small size and dropper dispenser allows an everywhere and everytime carrying and use.
  • EASE OF USE: Easycol BABY can be used with breast milk and/or infant formula. When breastfeeding, the product shall be administrated directly into the baby's mouth with a coffee spoon.
  • PRODUCT QUALITY: is manufactured by one of most important food supplement company with GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) which dedicates to formulas and innovative products research and development. The manufacturing process is subject to strict and rigorous quality controls, in compliance with all European health standards.
  • HELPS DIGESTION: Easycol BABY helps the digestion process, breaking down lactose into glucose and galactose, improving therefore nutrient absorption.
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